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Population and Development Studies
Du Wei

Name: Du, Wei
Sex: Male
Nationality: China
Date of Birth: March 31, 1979
Place of Birth: He Bei, China

Mailing Address:
School of Public Policy and Administration,
Xi'an Jiaotong University,
28 West Xianning Road,
Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, 710049, China
Tel.: +86-13992851000
Fax: +86-29-8266-8384

 March. 2010, Ph.D., Management Science and Engineering, Management School, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
 July. 2004, M.S., Master of Business Administration, Management School, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
 July. 2001, B.S., Accounting, Management School, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
 July, 2010- present, Lecture, Institute for Population and Development Studies, School of Public Policy and Administration, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
 Macro-economics for undergraduate students
 Human Resources Development and Management for MPA students
 English for Public Administration for undergraduate students
 Social Investigation Methodology for undergraduate students
Research Fields
 Sustainable Livelihoods and Resilience of Migrant Workers
 Social Network and Social Integration of Migrant Workers
 Organization Structure Social Network and Personal Performance
Research Grants and Experience
As Grantee and Principal Investigator:
2015.6-2017.12, “The Livelihood and Resilience of the families of migrant workers in the background of Urbanization”, supported by National Social Science Fund(15BSH028),(Project leader)
2012-2014, “Index, Mechanisms and Policy of the social integration of new generation of migrant workers--based on the view of social networks”. Youth Foundation of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Education (12YJC840005) (Project leader).
2014, “The urban and rural guaranteeing funding raising mechanism in Shaanxi Province”, a project from Shaanxi Civil Affairs Administration (Project leader).
As Principal Participant
2013-2016, “Problems and public policies for urbanization of rural migrant workers: Sustainable livelihood and equal access to basic public services”, Key Project of the National Social Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 13&ZD044) (principal investigator).
2012-2016, “Impacts of floating population on regional development: Evaluation and integrated support platform for decision-making”, Project in the National Science & Technology Pillar Program during the Twelfth Five-year Plan Period of China, Subproject “Impacts of floating population on regional social system: Evaluation and early warning technology”(Grant No. 2012BAI32B07-02) (principal investigator).
2014, “The ‘Thirteenth Five Years’ plan of guarantee for social employment and labor of Construction Bureau in Ping Shan District, Shenzhen”, Construction Bureau commissioned project in Ping Shan District (principal investigator),.
2011-2013, “Community structure in social networks among Chinese Rural migrant workers: Detecting algorithms, causes and social effects”, National Natural Science Foundation of People’s Republic of China (Grant No.71071128) (principal investigator).

In English:
Meng Cai, Haifeng Du, Chen Zhao, Wei Du. Relationship between employees’ performance and social network structure: An empirical research based on a SME from a whole-network perspective. China Management Studies, 2014, 1: 85-108. (SSCI)
In Chinese:
Du Haifeng, Gu Dongdong, Du Wei. 2015. Improvement of Calculation Model of Costs for Citizenization of Rural Migrant Workers and its Application. Modern Economic Science in China. 2: 1-10.
Du wei, Cai Meng. 2015. “Cliques indexes and their applications in employees’ social networks in small and medium-sized enterprises”. Journal of Xi’an Jiaotong University (Social Sciences). 2:36-41.
Cai Meng, Du Wei, Ren Yike, Zhao Chen, Du Haifeng. 2014. “The effect of employees’ social network degree centrality on their individual performance: The modulating effects of degree heterogeneity”. Modern Economic Science. 1: 108-115.
Bai Meng, Du Wei. 2013. “Gender Differences in complex character of migrant workers’ social network”, Seeker.
Jin Xiaoyi, Li Chenghua, Du Haifeng, Du Wei. 2011. “New Application of Sustainable Livelihoods Framework: Research on Livelihoods of Rural-Urban Migrants”. Modern Economic Science. 33(3):103-109
Ren Yike, Zhang Shengtai, Du Wei. 2011. “Institutional Analysis of Vulnerability of Rural-Urban Migrants’ Livelihood and Its Policy Implication”. Chinese Public Administration. (2): 39-42.
Du Wei, Cai Meng, Du Haifeng. 2010. “Study on Indices of Network Structure Robustness and Their Application”. Journal of Xi’an Jiaotong University. 44 (4):93-97.
Du Wei, Ren Yike, Cai Meng. 2014. “Employees Social Network and Individual Performance”. Social sciences academic press.

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