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Liu Shuo

Liu Shuo

   Associate professor

   Department of Administration

   School of Public Policy and Management

   Xi’an Jiaotong University


My research area is education policy and management, children welfare and development.

Principal Scientific Research Programs Hosted in Recent Years

1) Teaching Reform Research Program of XJTU, “Study on Enrollment and Cultivation of Top University in the United States-Taking University of Washington as an Example”, P.I., 2017-2018

2) National Social Science Fund Project, “Rural Left-behind Children Safety Research”, P.I., 2016-2018

3) Teaching Reform Research Program of XJTU, “Study on Graduate Students Academic Procrastination”, P.I., 2015-2017

4) Shaanxi Province Social Science Fund Project, “Resilience Theory on Shaanxi Rural Migrant Children and Intervention Approaches of Mental Health development”, P.I., 2014-2016

5) Teaching Reform Research Program of XJTU (Key Research Program), “The Teaching Model of Student-centered Learning and Methods of Study and Practice”. P.I., 2014-2016

6Program Entrusted by Xi'an Lianhu District Population Family Planning Commission , “Dynamic Trends of Migrant in Xi'an Lianhu District and the Public Service Policy Research”, P.I., 2014-2014

7The Humanities and Social Sciences Project of XJTU, “The Research of New Relationship Between the Supervisor and Students”, P.I., 2009-2011

8Elementary Education Project of Shaanxi ProvinceKey Research Program, “The research of Comprehensive Practical Activity Curriculum Standard is for Elementary and Secondary Schools in Shaanxi Province” , P.I., 2008-2010

9Eleventh Five-year Plan Project of Higher Education Research Academy, “The Study of Education Quality Assessment System for University postgraduates”, P.I., 2007-2009

10Elementary Education Project of Shaanxi Province, “The Study of Ecological Campus in Theory and Practice of course” , P.I., 2006-2007

11Shanxi School Improvement Project of Plan International China, “The Children’s Development Center for Teaching and Learning” , P.I., 2006-2007                          

12Shanxi School Improvement Project of Plan International China, “Shanxi Learning by Doing Science Education Program” , P.I., 2005-2006

Recently Published Books

1.       LIU Shuo, LIU Lige, JIN Xiaoyi, YANG yong2015. A Study Report of Rural Migrant Children. Bei Jing: Social Sciences Academic Press

2.       LIU Shuo, CUI Ruifeng, LU Genshu2013. Transforming Teachers’ Work GloballyEdited by Eija Kimonen and Raimo Nevalainen, participants of chapter sevenThe challenges of Basic Education Curriculum Change in Rural Primary School in West China”).UK:Sense publishers.

3.       LIU Shuo , LU GenshuYAO Xiuying WU Hongchun2010. Theoretical and Empirical Analysis on Evaluation and Guarantee System of Graduates’ Education Quality. Xi’an: Xi’an Jiaotong University Press.

4.       LU Genshu, LIU Shuo (2008). Learn how to Learn(second edition).(Edited by Genyan Wang, National Planning Teaching Material for General HE, Eleventh Five-year Plan, participants of chapter seven “learning style and learning” and chapter ten “reform of learning” ). Beijing: Educational Science Publishing House.

5.       LU Genshu, YU Dehong, LIU Shuo (2006). Study on Learning Style of Students in Private University. Xi’an: Shaanxi People's Education Press.

Published Papers in Recent Years

1. LIU Shuo, LIU Yanfang (2015), WANG Siqin, LIU Hongsheng. The Impact of Parental Educational Model on the Problem Behavior of Migrant Children, Journal of Xi’an Jiaotong University(Social Sciences). 4:87-93

2. LIU Shuo, WANG Siqin(2015), A study of Rural Students’ Values in Secondary Vocational Schools——Take Shenzhen, Pingshan District as an example. Vocational and technical education.17:71-73

3. JIN Xiaoyi, LIU Hongsheng, LIU Shuo, Yao Junxia, LIU Lige(2015). The Impact of Parental Educational Model on the Life Satisfaction of Migrant Children. South China Population.6:68-78

LIU Shuo, DU Haifeng, LI Xiubing(2013).Enlightenment from American Ability-oriented MPA Education. Academic Degrees & Graduate Education.8:61-65

4.LU Genshu, LIU Shuo(2011).Study on Guarantee Mechanism of Financial Investment on Education by Education Development Situation of Shaanxi Province, China Educational Economic Review, Educational Science Publishing House

5. LIU Shuo, LU Genshu(2009). International Non-Governmental Organizations Play Roles in Promoting Equity of Education in Poor Areas. Fudan Education Forum.2.56-60

6. LIU Shuo, LU Gen-shuYAO Xiuying(2008).Review and Prospect of Chinese Degree Awarding Work during Thirty Years Since Reform and Opening. China Higer Education Research5:9-12

7. HU Zun-li, LIU Shuo, CHENG Ai-xia(2008). Review of the Studies on Graduate Employability Abroadand their Enlightenment. Comparative Education Review. 8:24-28

8. HU Zun-li, LIU Shuo(2008).Analysis and Research of College Students’ Employability of Foreign Countries. Shan XI Education.104-107

9. LU Genshu, LIU Shuo, YAO Xiuying(2008).Strengthening Degree Management of Independent Colleges and Improving the Quality of Bachelor ' s Degree Awarding. Fudan Education Forum .4:50-55

10.LIU Shuo, LU Genshu, XI Youmin(2007). Reform of Graduate Educational System and Cultivation of High level Innovative Talents, Academic Degrees & Graduate Education.11:7-10

11.LIU Shuo(2007). Analysis on the Innovation Ability Influence Factors and Countermeasures Research of Doctoral Students. China Postgraduates.11.52-54

12.LIU Shuo, LU Genshu, XI Youmin, LIANG Lei(2006). A Survey and Analysis of Postgraduates' Learning Experience. Fudan Education Forum.3.59-63

15. LIU Shuo, LU Genshu, XI Youmin, LIANG Lei(2006). Strengthen on Macro-Management and Quality monitoring of Graduate Students Cultivation Process. China Higher Education.2:46-47            

Teaching  Courses

Public Management

Analysis of Public Policy

Higher Education

Educational Management

College Students' Career Development and Planning

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